Animal Sighting Report

Step 1 (of 2) - Your details, date and location.

Your Name:

Forename and surname. This is the name that we will associate with your sighting report, and, should we wish to contact you regarding your sighting, we will use this name to address the email. Names will never be passed on to anybody else, nor used other than to contact you directly by SARG.

Your Email Address:

We need your email address so that we can contact you, if we wish to talk to you about your sighting. Your email address will never be passed on, and will only ever be used by SARG to contact you directly concerning your sighting report.

Name of Site:

This is the name of the place that you saw your animal(s). It might be an open space, such as Frensham Common, a Residential Garden or anything else that we can use to recognise the location.

Date of Sighting(s):

Click on the 'Calendar' button and select the date that you saw the animal(s) being reported.