Surrey Amphibian and Reptile Group (SARG) 

Wall Lizard Colonies: Aylsham



Closest Town:

NORTH (9.5 km)


Introduction date:


Site Name:



Source of introduction:

Believed to have been accidentally imported either as eggs or later life stages in Italian potted plants.

Site Access:



Colony Status:


Relative population estimate:



Extirpation date:



First reported in 2016. 'I thought I should let you know that we have had Wall Lizards at the nursery for the last two years. We have never seen more than two at any one time, but believe there must be more. I think they must have arrived in plants from Italy or Holland, from where we purchase some stock. One has his territory on our raised vegetable beds, and has become rather an attraction for our customers. He seems very relaxed with people near him. Another one is much more wary of humans. Sadly I have to report that my staff have called him 'Eddie Lizzard' !!!!'

Ecological impact:

Ecological impact assessed as minimal. There are no rare species within the area that are likely to be impacted. There are no major habitat corridors such as railway lines. The colony is not known to be breeding, and is isolated in a geographically isolated.


A garden centre, often seen amongst strawberry plants.


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