For Professionals

Distribution Reports

From the National Planning Policy Framework, one of the first steps towards gathering biodiversity evidence to support a planning application is to perform a literature search of recorded species within the vicinity. These records can help to formulate an appropriate survey strategy.

SARG holds by far the most comprehensive dataset for amphibian and reptile sightings within Surrey. Our records range from 1901 until the present day, and are updated daily via our online reporting application and survey initiatives. Our new IT system allows us better access to this data, and to provide you with a professional report in a highly responsive manner.

The SARG herpetofauna data search dashboard includes:

  • Invoice.
  • Herpetological Distribution Report.
    • A covering letter, outlining the legal obligations, and which animals require a Natural England licence for survey.
    • A list of assumptions and a guide to the interpretation of the data.
    • A one-page summary distribution report, listing species present, proximity and date of sightings.
    • A detailed data annex, providing details, date and location of each individual sighting report within the target area.
  • Interactive (pan & zoom) GIS of reptile distribution data.
  • Interactive (pan & zoom) GIS of amphibian distribution data.

We usually provide records from a 5km radius of your search location, as we believe that this figure best represents the species likely to be present. This radius is calculated from factors concerning the density of reported sightings and the accuracy of legacy reports.

Prior to issuing a report, we habitually provide you with the meta-data we hold for an area, for you to better judge the value of commissioning a full report.


Professionals are asked to donate £50.00 for a simple point search, or £100.00 for a more complex search to SARG in return for the distribution report, which can be emailed as a PDF file, posted as hard copy, or both.

To request a report...

you will need to provide us with the following information:

  • The location of the search (ideally an OSGB local grid reference E.g. SU 123 456)
  • Your company name.
  • Your registered company's postal address.
  • A contact name and company email address.
  • Your reference number for the request (optional).
  • A statement that you are content to pay the £50.00 donation on receipt of the invoice.

To request a distribution report, send an email (including the required information listed above) to:

This email-address will forward a copy of your request to all SARG committee members who are trained to process your request. This maximises the chances for a speedy reply!

If you should prefer to submit your request via postal services, then please use the address below:

Steve Langham,
Surrey Amphibian and Reptile Group,
Folly Hill,
Surrey GU9 0BD

SARG is frequently asked to recommend professional consultants. It is policy that we never recommend a particular consultancy, however we will provide a list of known consultants upon request. Every company that uses our distribution report service is automatically included on this list.